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Bandhavgarh Car Rentals and Taxi Services

Bandhavgarh Car Rentals and Taxi Services

Cabs, Taxi and Car Rentals is required for Airport, Railway station, Bus Station and Hotels, Lodges and Resorts transfers in Bandhavgarh. Always book and make reservation in advance for cars, cabs and taxi. Here are we will provide you various tips and options for booking of taxi and renting a car in Bandhavgarh.

We offer you with a wide variety of cars and taxis in Bandhavgarh for rental including, Tata Indica, Tata sumo, Toyota quails, Innova, Tata Indigo, Tavera, mini bus, Tempo Traveler, etc. for Umaria from Bandhavgarh. Hire a Cab Taxi from Umaria to Bandhavgarh at reasonable rates. Car rentals booking and Cab Hire in Bandhavgarh.

Whether you are Going to Bandhavgarh, or travelling away from home or simply looking for a Wildlife Safari at Bandhavgarh for a weekend drive or Weekend Breaks from Bandhavgarh, you probably want a good deal for a rental car with various options.

There is Only One option is to make your reservation directly through a us as car rentals company at Bandhavgarh, GTV Resort, Bandhavgarh.

However, this might be the best method if your goal is to find the best all-around deal in Bandhavgarh.

Here you can see various Taxi Rate Charges, you can choose your best option for Visit Jungle Safari. We help you to select appropriate option. Here is some major used vehicle for Your Bandhavgarh Tour Packages.

Book Bandhavgarh Tour Packages and Cottages in Bandhavgarh at GTV Resort and get 10% Special Discount on Taxi Booking/Car Rental for Bandhavgarh

Book 3 or More Nights, Bandhavgarh Tour Packages and Cottages in Bandhavgarh at GTV Resort and get 15% Special Discount on Taxi Booking/Car Rental for Bandhavgarh.

Car Cab Taxi Rates in Bandhavgarh.

  • Tata Indica: Rs 12.00 per km.
  • Tata Indigo: Rs 14.00 per km.
  • Toyata Innova: Rs 16.00 per km.
  • Tavera : Rs 15.00 per Km.
  • Tempo Traveller: Rs 28.00 per km.

(Minimum Chargable Run will be 250 Km. per Day.)
Cost will be Charged for both way.
Tax- 13.50% and Service Charge 10% Extra.

Rates are subject to change in Bandhavgarh and vary from place to place and different for night charges.
Daily wages of driver and tolls will be paid by us.

  • Umaria to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Railway/Train Station Distance - 35Km
  • Katni to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Railway/Train Station Distance - 100Km
  • Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Railway/Train Station Distance - 225Km
  • Jabalpur Airport to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 250Km
  • Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 250Km
  • Panna to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 240Km
  • Pench to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 400Km
  • Kanha National Park to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 275Km
  • Nagpur Airport to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 500Km
  • Amarkantak To Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 230Km
  • Pachmahri to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 525Km
  • Satna to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Railway/Train Station Distance - 150Km
  • Kanha Mukki Gate to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 310Km
  • Jabalpur Bheraghat to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 225Km
  • Varanasi (Banaras/Kashi/Sarnath) to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 450Km
  • Allahabad (Prayag) to Bandhavgarh Taxi, Distance - 300Km
  • Jeep Safari in Bandhavgarh.
  • Elephant Safari in Bandhavgarh.

:: Find ~ About Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve ::

Amidst wild greenery of the dense forests lie ruins of ancient civilizations of dynasties that arrived and departed in the hinterland of the magnificent tigers in Central India . The tiger survives and its roar can be heard miles across as it rules over it’s domain from the dizzy heights of the mountain tops. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, The best place to see tiger in the wild, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is situated in Umaria district in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India . Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is undoubtedly the most enchanting, quaint and esoteric wildlife preserve in the World. The tiger reserve has an area of 1161 sq. km. with core zone being 624 sq. km. Bandhavgarh amazes not only by its spine tingling tiger sightings but by its tortured terrain as well. The flat-topped hillocks and steep valleys covered by dense canopy of Sal and Bamboos trees, dense vegetation and picturesque stretches of marshy grasslands are witness to ancient human civilizations that thrived earlier. The scattered ruins are an archeological marvel and a travelers delight. As sentinels of the past, they stand as silent spectators in the kingdom of the big cats.

So enjoy -

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  • Kolkata to Jabalpur Tour
  • Kolkata to Khajuraho Tour
  • Kolkata to Kanha Tour
  • Kolkata to Pachmarhi Tour

:: Find ~Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh ::

As you enter park at Tala Gate No. 1 a panoramic spectrum of Bandhavgarh’s amazing forest landscape unfolds. The conglomeration of rocky cliffs, steep valleys and snaking rivers are a feast to the eye. Tigers and leopards abound and spring surprises often. The sighting of spotted deer and sambar deer are common, so is the Hanuman languor and the macaques. Other wildlife visible is the sloth bear, wild dog, wild boar, barking deer, Biason and at times the four horned deer on hill slopes. Bandhavgarh has more than two hundred bird species sincluding winter migrants. The bio diversity overwhelms so does the game and innumerable number of insects, butterflies, reptiles and mammals seen on wild expedition into the jungle. The ancient ruins, temples, man made ancient caves, ruins of the fort and the reclining Lord Vishnu at "Sesh Shayya" add to the thrill of an exciting tiger safari at Bandhavgarh during Bandhavgarh Tour Packages.

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  • Kolkata to Bandhavgarh Taxi Services
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